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At TiEL we believe that, “In Education is your WISEST Investment!”

Education is the right of every child. We have often heard this statement but have we ever stopped and pondered what it really implies for each one of us? Do we actually understand our responsibility in making a child’s dream for education come true? Have we ever really made an effort to help educate a child hailing from a poor family?

Adopt-a-Student Programme is an endeavor which will help you in reaching out to those neglected and marginalized children that live in the urban low income areas, often referred to as “slums”, and have limited access to education, let alone good education, due to severe financial restraints. This Programme will give them access to good quality education. Here we are not just talking about cramming a student’s brain with academic studies but we are also underling the need for Character Building, Honesty, Integrity and Self Discipline for without these major characteristics we would only be creating half-baked bricks that can never be utilized in the construction of a masterpiece; then how can they be part of building the Nation’s image?

Under the TiEL School System Adopt-a-Student Programme you may adopt several students at a time; your kind pledge will support their educational expenses for one academic year:

We encourage your support for a whole academic year
Currency Monthly Support Yearly Support
PKR PKR 3000 per month PKR 36,000 per anum
USD US $ 30 per month US $ 360 per anum
Pound Sterling Pound Sterling 20 per month Pound Sterling 240 per anum

Bank Details For Donations in Cash:
Title: Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP)
Bank Account: 0240814001
Branch: F-10 Markaz
City: Islamabd
IBAN Number: PK93Duib0000000240814001

You will be able to monitor the progress of your adopted student(s) on the TiEL Website, on monthly basis.

Spending money on possessions of this world will be left behind while spending money for a good cause will reap your benefits in the hereafter. We need to realize that the amount we spend on a simple one time family meal at a fast food restaurant could educate a poor child for at least six months.

Remember, the more children we help to educate today, the less destitute we will see on the streets tomorrow! Adopt-a-Student and help us in educating a whole generation, for a brighter, progressive and prosperous Pakistan!

Student Profiles

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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