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Student Name: Daim Akram

Date of Birth: 18-12-2009

Age: 10 Years

Religion: Christianity

Class: 5

Father’s Name: Akram Pervez (late)

Education: NIL

Occupation: Tailor

Mother’s Name: Yasmeen Akram

Education: NIL

Occupation: Seamstress

Approximate Family Income: PKR 15,000

Address: Bahar Colony, Kotlakhpat Lahore, Pakistan

My name is Daim and I am the student of Class 5.

I have been a student of TiEL since 2017. It was a sad year for me and my family as I lost my father. I was very close to him and losing him was unbearable for me. His death changed everything for our happy family. I lost my friends as we had to give up the rented house which also meant leaving my school and my teachers.

There was no one my age when we shifted to my Uncle’s house. Having lost my beloved father and not going to school was making me aggressive and rude to my family. My mother, my elder siblings were quite upset because of me. Then one evening my elder bother saw the banner of The Institute of Emerging Leaders School System, advertising on going admissions. My sister and I went with our mother to get some more information. I had my fingers crossed for things to work out for my elder sister and me. I cannot thank God enough for bringing us to TiEL that day! Not only the school was great but we did extremely well in the admission tests and were admitted without any issue. I was very happy that day and missed my father a lot. My mother was also happy that education at TiEL was free for Christian students. My father had not left us with much and I had often seen my mother crying secretly. She was planning to start working so that our Uncle would not be burdened by our family of 6 persons. I often wished that I was older and could have supported my family on my own but my mother always advised me to work hard and study well as that was my father’s wish.

At TiEL I soon made new friends and the teachers were also very kind and welcoming.  I liked my new school but it took me time to start enjoying the environment that it provided to learn and to grow. I am grateful to my teachers who were patient with me and understood my state of mind and helped me adjust.

I want to join the Air Force.

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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