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Student Name: Sara Nadeem

Date of Birth: 12-10-2007

Age: 12 Years

Religion: Christianity

Class: 6

Father’s Name: Nadeem Javed

Education: NIL

Occupation: Laborer

Mother’s Name: Nazia Nadeem

Education: NIL

Occupation: Housemaid

Approximate Family Income: PKR 19,000

Address: House 67, Mughal Street, Bahar Colony, Kotlakhpat, Lahore

My name is Sara and I study in Class 6.

My father works on daily wages and my mother has recently started working as a domestic maid in a rich colony near our house. My father encouraged my mother to work as he fractured his arm one day and was not able to go to work for a few months. My mother was very reluctant to start working but as we had no other source of income, there was no way out. Luckily she found work with a good family and her fears were dispelled however she was not earning as much as my father and the first expenditure my parents compromised on was school fee. Besides food and utility bills, my father now needed medicines to get better. My sister and I were really heartbroken but we were helpless given the reality of things.

As luck would have it, after sitting at home for almost six months, one day I saw the banner of The Institute of Emerging Leaders School System near the cross road to our house. It said something about free education for Christian students but at that time I did not really understand it. As both my parents are illiterate, my father asked me to read it out loud for him. He visited TiEL in the next few days and came back beaming. He said he had good news for my sister and me that we could now go to school. He said that it was way better than our previous school. Seeing was believing so we accompanied our father to TiEL the very next day.  As admissions were open, my sister and I were admitted after a written admission test for English and Maths. All we had to do was get our new uniforms and books and were ready to go to school!

We were warmly welcomed by our teachers and we quickly made new friends. We have study tours to the park to study plants which I absolutely love. My friends and I get a chance to run around after butterflies; it was cool. I also love my geography Class where I learn how to read maps and find out about so many beautiful places in the world. We learn about Life Skills and the other day we baked a cake with our teacher and another day we made sandwiches and salad. Yummy was the word!

My school TiEL has a very friendly atmosphere and has an environment that stimulates students to learn new things. The one thing that stands out at TiEL is that the school has a unique “everyone-knows-everyone” feel. That has never changed throughout my school years.

 I want to be a Chef and excel in my culinary expertise by travelling to different countries and learning their cuisines.

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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