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Student Name: Zara Nadeem

Date of Birth: 14-06-2005

Age: 13 Years

Religion: Christianity

Class: 6

Father’s Name: Nadeem Javed

Education: NIL

Occupation: Laborer

Mother’s Name: Nazia Nadeem

Education: NIL

Occupation: Housemaid

Approximate Family Income: PKR 19,000

Address: House 67, Mughal Street, Bahar Colony, Kotlakhpat, Lahore

My name is Zara and I am now in Class 6.

I have never been interested in studying but as my parents are illiterate, they have always wanted my sister and I to study.

My father is a laborer and does heavy construction work and my mother helps him by working as a house maid. A year or so back my father hurt himself at work and then found out that his arm was fractured. My mother cried her eyes out and we were all quite upset. Being a woman my mother could not replace my father at work and we had to come up with a solution to keep the bread coming. My aunt helped my mother find a job in the one of the wealthier residential colonies. My mother is a shy soul and had never worked before but by and by she adjusted to the routine as the family she worked for was very kind.

The first change my sister and I experienced was that we were made to quit going to school. I was kind of happy to be free to play but my sister, who loves to study, was extremely upset. I enjoyed my freedom for about six months or so when my sister spotted a banner put up by The Institute of Emerging Leaders School System when we were returning from the market one day. Our father checked it out and to the utmost happiness of my sister, the school was offering good quality free education to Christian children.

I got very marginal marks in the admission test but with promises of improvement I got admission at TiEL in the same grade as my sister whereas I was one year senior to her in my previous school.

As I said, my ability to write and speak English was quite limited. All subjects were taught in English and I had a hard time settling in. No one had paid much attention to weak students in my previous school and I was paying the price now. I found it very difficult to understand and be part of what was going on in the class. So I was given extra support for learning English through additional classes. I worked hard and with encouragement from both teachers and my class fellows I improved a lot in written English however I was shy to speak English. With time even that improved and I started enjoying my lessons and other school activities.

I shall forever be grateful to my teachers for believing in me and encouraging me to go on.

I want to be a teacher and help motivate children in Pakistan to learn and be useful citizens.

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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