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TiEL Nutrition Programme for Montessori and Junior School

TiEL School System caters to children belonging to the lower and lower middle class Christian families. Hence keeping in mind the poor dietary patterns of these students, Chairman Sajid Ishaq advised the TiEL Administration to develop a School Nutrition Programme whereby the Montessori and Junior Section Students will be provided milk and fresh seasonal fruits on daily basis. 

The inauguration of the Nutrition Programme was done by Mrs. Venus Ishaq who graced the occasion on February 15, 2017. She enjoyed being with the little students and fed them fruit and milk with her own hands. Mrs. Venus Ishaq is a veteran and has a vast and rich experience in the education sector. In 1974 she was among the pioneers in Islamabad who started school for poor Christian children living in overly populated and poor areas. She introduced the feeding programme for these children who received a glass of milk every day.  

As a first step TiEL School System organized a formal session with a Nutritionist for gauging the health conditions of Montessori and Junior Section students who fall between the ages of 3 to 11 years. The reports submitted by the Nutritionist assisted TiEL Management in planning the Nutrition Programme. 

Provision of milk and fresh seasonal fruits is a regular feature at TiEL. A Nutritionist visits TiEL on a quaterly basis and carries out detailed check-ups of the Montessori and Junior School students for detecting signs of malnutrition and deficiencies.  Each student goes through a detailed check-up whereby head and arms are measured, weight & height is noted and eyes, nose and throat are inspected. Individual reports on each student are submitted which help to assess the progress of each student. 

Inauguration of Nutrition Programme

Visit by Nutritionist

Chairman Distribution - Daily Nutrition

Students Enjoying the Daily Fruits and Milk

Nutrition Activity with the Manager

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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