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Share Your Time, Talent & Treasure

It would not be wrong to say that each one of us has been blessed immeasurably by our Creator. These blessings may not be identical, not even besimilar but in our separate rights we all have received them. If someday we sit down to list the blessings that we have been bestowed with, it would take us an immense amount of time to mention each and every tiny blessing that, times too often, we donot even realise or just discard with ingratitude. 

What are blessings from the Almighty? Blessings come in all forms, all colours and all shapes; we just need an inner eye to recognise them! Life is a blessing in itself; the health that we have, the wealth that we earn and spend, our family, our friends, each day that we live again, the sense of sight, the hearing, the touch, the taste and the smell are a tiny fraction of the blessings that we seldom realise and most often are not grateful for. 

Then there are those among us who are less blessed. Some are homeless, some orphans, some have less resources and several mouths to feed. They cannot access the necessities of life such as food, medication and education let alone the luxuries that we easily and repeatedly enjoy! 

How often do we stop and think of them? Think of how to reach out and make a difference by sharing the abundance of blessings that we have? Sharing, my friends, is not only in cash or kind but also through the many talents that we have either been born with or have been fortunate enough to acquire during our lives. We can share our time, talent and treasure with those who have not been born as lucky as some of us.

Live for others so that you may live to the fullest!Let us pledge to regularly plant deeds of kindness so that on the day when we meet the Creator of this universe we may stand confident in believing that the seeds of time, talent and treasurethat we sowed during our life on earth have matured into full grown, shady trees in heaven, for which we can be proud!

They say that you cannot pour happiness on others without getting a drop on your-self! So come on and share your time, talent and treasurewith others so that you may receive more blessings in return:

 “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”.Theophrastus

You can volunteer your free time to help I-LAP and TiEL staff members at The Institute of Emerging Leaders. You may read stories to students; help them in studies; teach them the subject you most love or help in office administrative work. It mainly depends on what you want to volunteer for.

Your Talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God”.Leo Buscaglia

You can share your natural or acquired talents with the students, be it music, performing arts, creative arts or a whole world of other things! The act of teaching your talent to someone who cannot afford to learn it otherwise will go a long way in giving you pleasure and self-satisfaction.  

“Verily Charity appeases the wrath of God and eases the sufferings of death”.(Tirmidhi)

Lucky are those who have been blessed with treasure and lucky yet are those who share it with the deserving. You can donate as often and as much as you like. Your donation will assist in the education of children coming from weak economic backgrounds and help them to become respectable members of the society where they can also live a decent and self-sufficient life.  

You may also support a student through TiEL’s Adopt-a-Student Programme and be a benefactor to one or several students.

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