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Message from the Chairman

All through my professional years, I have felt a deep sadness while I have watched the gradual loss of dignity of the Christian Community of Pakistan in the eyes of the Majority community. Innumerable factors can be attributed to this great loss however I personally believe that partly the Christian Community itself is to be blamed for this present day despondency.

To name just a few main factors, I would begin by saying that unfortunately the Christian Community has very seldom had good leadership that was sincere in its efforts towards their prosperity and welfare.  Religious leadership combined with political leadership is foremost for guaranteeing protection of the rights. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed Christian leaders and political representatives have either remained unaware or unconcerned of the issues being faced by the Christian Community.

They have also had no voice in the parliament or on other significant forums to raise the issues of injustices and discriminatory behaviors being faced by their communities as they have had their personal vendettas to fulfill and their selfish motives to be gained. None of these leaders have had the courage to stand up for the rights of the Pakistani Christian Minorities and in the consequence the situation has been rapidly deteriorating with progressing years.

Another grave problem, according to my observation, is the migration of the top notch and educated Christian families to other countries. There has been a steady brain-drain to the effect that today we have a dearth of educated Christian professionals in the country. As the migrating families had no stakes back home, they have not bothered to look back since.

Then again, there has been the crucial issue of Christian children not getting admissions in Church Institutions.  After the Nationalization of Christian and Missionary Educational Institutions in 1972, the standard of education in the country nosedived. Unfortunately, as the management of these Institutions changed from Christians to Muslims, admission of Christian students in these Institutions became more and more difficult. Over the years, the environment for the Christian Community worsened which steadily increased inaccessibility and/or unaffordability to good quality education.  Christian children were either out rightly refused admission to Christian Institutions or made to attend separate evening classes as third rate citizens! The aftermath of this decision of the ruling Government of the time and the discriminatory behaviors that prevailed after that, have had a serious toll on the Christian Community, whereby today, there are a scarce number of Christian bureaucrats, technocrats, judges, high ranking personnel in the Armed Forces, Scientists or other noteworthy and distinguished professionals in Pakistan.

I am highly hopeful in saying that “The Institute of Emerging Leaders School System” will serve as a beacon of hope and play a major role in filling the vacuum created by detrimental majority dominated policies. TiEL will provide the necessary thrust and drive to Christian children and youth for regaining the lost dignity of the Christian Community by achieving professional excellence through education and reclaiming their due share in all walks of life. Their success will take them to the top positions in the Government, Private and Civil Society sectors.

Sajid Sandhu

Chairman, Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP)
Chairman, Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL)
Chairman HumSub.TV

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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