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Welcome to the Institute of Emerging Leaders School System!

TiEL strives to look to the future on meeting the changing needs of a changing society, while striving to meet individual needs of preparing children for their future place in the society. Our Institute’s values ensure a supportive environment to achieve success. We believe that TiEL has a supportive learning environment that provides students with every opportunity to achieve to their potential.

The staff of TiEL actively supports the goals of both the school and the aspirations of each individual student while encouraging feedback from parents/guardians as we believe in an inclusive style of learning.

It is with great sorrow that I observe the present day situation of the Christian Community in Pakistan.  Majority of men and women who are working, are employed at menial and lowly paid cleaning jobs at office and domestic levels. Their lack of education and academic qualifications has steadily pushed them into the abyss of poverty and it is a matter of grave misfortune and concern that today their name has become synonymous with janitorial work! They have been stripped of their self-respect and left with little or no dignity in the society. The Christians who manage to acquire education, against all odds, are not selected on the basis of merit but disqualified or sidelined on the basis of their religion. Equal opportunities are not available for them and they are made to feel lesser beings because they are Christians.

TiEL has come forth with the purpose of inculcating the importance of academic education and extra-curricular activities in the young generation so that they may excel in their studies as well as enrich their personalities with the elements that will help them compete at all levels on the basis of their qualification, which will restore their pride, self-esteem and dignity in the society.

I wish all the best to the students, as well as their parents, as they commence their learning experience with us here at The Institute of Emerging Leaders!

Nazia Ansari

Executive Director Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP)
Executive Director HumSub.TV
Secretary General Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL)

House 52, Street 4
Bahaar Colony, Kotlakhpat
Lahore, Pakistan


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